Navy Stories Episode 2 – MEPS – Military Entrance Processing Station


The Final Month in Home

Once I graduated from high school I only had 1 month of independence before I began my army occupation. During this month that I basically only partied and assembled up the expectation. I met a cute lady throughout that time which I might not be together because I was moving away. That sucked. She decided to keep in touch even though I was gone along with maybe a single day we can observe each other if I arrived home to departure.


The very first place they delivered me was an area known as MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station). Usually the only I moved to was located in LA.. This building is the exact 1st of the collection of processing stations you will encounter. That I went through a rigorous screening approach. They process many possible candidates to your own navy , 1 at a moment .

I did the following and more of the following:

Endless Paper-work

I really did lots of newspaper work. Several of the sorts seemed as though that I filled out them many times. From the feeling ashamed to have to stay in line after line, to complete form after form. The whole time that I was medicated with a lack of client service. There was a phrase employed from the armed forces known as,”Hurry up and wait patiently .” You may learn exactly what this phrase suggests on your afternoon you become processed by means of this centre.

In the event that you used a touch prior to you are going to be a pro from the time you go away that facility. You’d to sign dozens of types. The recruiters even had me start off practicing my touch from one.

The kinds that you just fill in into what they call a service record. This could be the listing of your whole military livelihood. Along side the assistance record you’ll find yourself a dental and medical record too. These three connections are the evidence your military livelihood and health heritage. If you lose these you might have to do all the paper work and each one the health care exams, dental assessments, etc..

From the hearing that if you pissed away a Corpsman to a ship he would only throw your health care record over board and you may have to receive every one of the shots again.

Therefore fundamentally it’s in your best interest to always make duplicates of every one among your records.

Physical Tests

The paper job is just one piece of this puzzle. First, they have to make sure you are physically healthy to execute your responsibilities as a United States Sailor. So they left us go by way of a series of physical evaluations. First they gave us the full body physical at which they checked every part of our bodies also required lots of specimens of blood and analyzed it to get whatever conceivable วันพีช .

They left us execute series of odd bodily moves in our underwear. For instance, we had to fall from a position posture directly onto our knees onto the tricky vinyl floor. From the just how, not trendy that sensed! Then they had us doing things similar to, crawling like a monkey, waddling like a duck, numerous stretches, walk across the space so they can check for apartment feet, etc..

Another reported thing relating to this really old male with warts all over his face wasn’t that the one giving the rectal exams. Possibly not one of the most comfortable of circumstances, I want to tell you.

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