The Fruit-Cake (Act IV: The Apartment Part one of two Parts)


Act IV

The Apartment

Rosario and Lee got married, they’re currently inside their own small apartment, it is mid afternoon [and by response ], the flat is far more similar to a studio-apartment, having one large room having a roll-a-way bed [otherwise called a Murphy Bed], along with also an archway into the kitchen that’s a little pronounced due to its spacious ceilings; — the restroom is past your kitchen, you could just see a doorway to.

This really is a fantastic time to tell you in on the news headlines, Oliver, our อพาร์ทเม้นท์ลาดพร้าว , man of dry-witthat is the best man at the wedding, which took place six-months ago. I will assure you, that had been a burst, however on the flip side, I can not really say much about the furniture in their new flat, it is not really a blast, at the least to look at, it is quite simple at its finest, ordinary; ” I think Rosario is fulfilled with this particular but, however Lee is somewhat embarrassed. There is just a radio and couch chair by Lee, and a stand near his knee ; about a couple feet out of his chair is actually a rocker for– [you got it] Rosario, using a tall floor lamp by her chair, woops, both Rosario and Lee have a floorlamp by their seats. Lee is just a firm believer in the older methods of life, so man needs to have his very own huge chair, and lamp–Lee is now looking at his very first disability check he got from the federal government, for they could no longer work because of his heart and possible future stroke together side something unknown which makes him poorer than one could expect; as time moves on, even the doctors are assessing him out, potential a neurological dilemma of varieties that they state.

On the other hand, Rosario has been work at a healthcare facility and Oliver today their new companion has cultivated, he worked in the fur trade, and then after that become obscure, and he worked at the postoffice. As I’m explaining this to you, she [Rosario] knows they cannot do the job anymore, and so she’s considering exceeding to encourage him into his lifetime dream, and that is to publish music, and combine this together with his poetry.

Rosario. Lee!

Lee. Yaw– [Rosario putting the check back in Lee’s hands] what’s up!

Rosario. Why don’t you write some music, like you’ve always needed to, you’ve got the time, I encourage this, and who knows, it might be quite enlightening? [She walks into the kitchen; she has planted the seed, today it’s’food for thought,’ time]

There is not any answer.

Lee! [Says Rosario.]

–Still no response…

Lee! Have you been on the market?

Lee [with doubt ]. Are you currently really, you serious?

Rosario [enthusiastically]. This is going to keep you busy, and you’re keen on music, and that I adore your poetry.

Lee. Do not scream out it, it disturbs me.

Rosario. Feeling —

Lee [walking into the kitchen]. I hear you baby, I enjoy the idea–I’d be partial to this, I mean that a complete, good deal. . .do you presume I am good enough, I mean really, really, good enough? I am talking about do you care to listen to my music if you were not wed to me [pause]. Well, would you?

Rosario [absentmindedly]. Sufficient for what?

Lee [increasingly annoyed].

[A pause]


Rosario. Well, I know that, who is at the door? [She moves out of this kitchen into the door until Lee gets out from the settee seat .]

She opens the doorway, it is Oliver–

He’s standing at the doorway [he is a brilliant dresser to express the least] with yellowish stocking up on into the knees. He expired over Rosario at 6-foot three inches. He has a blue lace vest , a little crazy looking; lean from the face, and long hair. His jacket I’d say he resembles it’s needing a fantastic press occupation, an outdated man from the last war, concealed a few attic, Rosario conjures in her mind; –similar to the Civil war, atleast. He’s got a white shirt with a red tie, so not coordinating colors, but glowing; –an extensive belt extending across his finished lapping stomach [Rosario is thinking, think she’s thinking,’could that belt stretch his bellybutton outside of contour?] . He’s that Oliver grin on his face, which says sarcasm can came at any moment, anytime, anywhere, everywhere, possible here, now, the one which says here I’m, for better or worse [he has a heartily kind of composure to himself].

Oliver [a big hearty smile in his face, a twinkle in his eye]. Merely passing by thought I’d stop and watch both love birds [he hands her a big bag of potatoes, twenty-pounds]; my mother always believed to create a gift when you go visiting, along with also my dad said,’allow it to be a surprise’ Got to please you ,–you know.

Rosario [bright eye d ]. You’ve never been around for a month; Lee and I was wondering if you had been ill. You were arriving around once a week before. [not Positive if this is really a question or an announcement, everyone is quiet for a minute ]

Oliver [answering Rosario, as Lee stayed silent for a moment longer]. Do not need to chalk out my welcome, sweetie!

Lee. Haw, that’s my territory oldman, only I state sweetie. [There was something in the tone of the voice for a moment, as he put his cigarette out in the ashtray next to him]

Oliver. Well who told you to wed her, haw. . .haw?

Rosario. Oh-ooooooo Oliver, Lee did not tell me , so that he had some coaching, did he [Rosario looking at Lee and Oliver both humorously]

Lee [acute as usually, he’s trying to alter the subject]. Why–why the potatoes, I have never seen anyone bring potatoes over before; incredible.

Rosario turns around to shut the door, Lee is looking at Oliver, takes his hands and waves them–as if to say’hush up’ about his training, and reminiscent of a zipper, he also pretends to zip his lips closed.

What was that? [He heard hima pause.] Why don’t?

♪ The Audio ♫

I figure she’s right [a mutual glare from these two appear].

Oliver [with quiet laughter]. Glad you didn’t wind up getting that humming bird, or maybe I should call her a chatter-box. Oh she was nice looking, healthy with the figure parts, however still talk, talk, talk, and never stop. Oh, yes, she was a talker; surely out of a hereditary characteristic way back yonder some place. Just think Lee,’d you wed , you’d never be able to talk; she would be doing all the talking. What would you be doing? I’ll tell you now what you would certainly be doing, standing in the waiver becoming a divorce. She’d have driven one to a hotel, simply to escape from her, probably divorce you quicker than making a pan cake, and drive one to drink. Fickle, that’s what most of those women are now, fickle, fickle-d, and pickled; have no idea what they need these fresh modern women, and when they got it, are joyful to get a season, after which –find out it was just a joyride these were afterwards…

Well, you know.

I wish you wouldn’t bring her up, you always appear to, and it’s really simply not nice. She had her problems, and I wed Rosario, thank God. And that is that.

Oliver. You can say that again!

Lee. What did I say…?

Oliver [using a hiss]. Problems! Yaw, that…’sssssss what they all say; issues my as…S-sssssss. [Pause.] She had an encyclopedia of issues afterward. Everything has been an issue. I don’t know very well what she had, but I know what she wanted, and which has been a kick at the ass-sssssssss. Yes, brother, a excellent old fashioned kick in the buttocks. And that will have been done 50-years ago. Nowadays, the children run the series, both the social workers, and the parent’s are on trial, and the government says,’You got to see those children, listen to them, kiss them, provide them with love.’ Horseshit, a good kick in the ass is love enough, then get on with business, that’s exactly what I state, that is what they need. We cover these social workers to be social, and that’s far from their mentality. A parent that’s too lazy to kick his kid from the ass is too idle to lift them.

Lee. Oliver, settle down.

Oliver. I actually do get caught up, don’t I? I’m happy you got Rosario, in any rate; when I really don’t relax I will wind up in that damn hospital, listening to everyone else belly ache, along with those damn kids screaming and yelling, a bunch of rug-rats; I raised mine, and they’re as thankless, and unworthy aside from you personally, since the day is long.

Lee. Yaw, I know you do, –get transported way that is… [Both grinning at the other person, Oliver’s mind is down only a little, comparable to a boy who is scolded, nonetheless knows he does what he does because he loves you, not to hurt you.]

Oliver [looking at papers across the side of Lee’s seat ]. What’s all the stuff, looks like music?

My husband can be really a composer of music, so he writes poetry also.

Oliver [looking a bit impressed]. Say Rosario, will this man really write that type of stuff-♪♫ or is that’bull- sh…t’?

Rosario. Yes, yes, they could. His writings are his music; his lyric’s that-is –music included to poems.

Oliver. People do not talk like that, poems-music,” music-poems. Talk English to me personally.

Lee [seriously ]. Oliver, allow me to explain, if I can. Poetry, barring the Yale type educated crowd, who would pose criticism in any turn at the good ripe age of two-days older [sarcasms, reeking from his face], music is poetry in motion. By comparison, it’s a story Oliver, yup, that is exactly what it really is, of course, if you has been to go beyond that, a book if you will. After I am dead and buried, listen to it a couple of times for approximately six months and then do a contrast, or analyze it [he hands Oliver a copy of his music with the lyrics] that I have a few duplicates, because I had been attempting to express, do not judge it as the Yale critic could, in 1 afternoon, it’s to ferment very similar to wine…

Wine haw, you are definitely right there, Lee, ” I mean you have what it will take. You ought to have now been doing so years back [Rosario looks at Lee and Oliver, and nodes her head, pointing her hands in her forehead like to say Lee has some unused smarts].

Oliver rocking in the chair, Rosario standing by the archway into the kitchen in the most important room of the Studio Apartment; sunlight is shining through the walls, as the shades on the windows are half up, and the drapes drawn back and wrapped with ropes. A ground is constructed from shinning polished and waxed wood, as would be the doors, and also the cabinet work inside the main room in addition to the kitchen.

Oliver [critical]. If you reveal me in those lyric’s I really trust that you really do me justice. I am perhaps not… [He starts to learn one of those music sheets, so the lyrics] I had been sayingI am perhaps not, or don’t I should state, reveal me as truly one particular ordinary men and women, you know as so many authors do. You read one publication, and another and the personalities are all the same, nothing new. No distinctive shapes . If you didn’t know their names, you’d never understand who they were. Our personality tells a man who we’re, not our names, not after the day you’re born anyways.

Lee. I didn’t understand that you had been a philosopher of sorts; yes, a profound thinker I’d say. You’re well read my own friend. Many folks would say my mum has been ordinary, because ordinary goesbut what’s ordinary, maybe for a people like me this really is a blessing to be more ordinary, and to other folks it’s not uncommon to be more ordinary, and for others that they hate being ordinary. What it is my mum’s ordinary character instructed me to stand tall, be honest, work hard, and do not let all irritate you: she felt in me. There was what I call an ordinary priority in her lifetime: god, me and my cousin along with her, and outside that, we move into second gear. Maybe she really wasn’t ordinary, maybe it’s simple me is, or wanted to be.

Oliver [having a smirk]. No, I am not really a philosopher; not necessarily, I merely know garbage from authentic fiction; or even put garbage from historical fiction. God made everyone different, yet we put titles on everybody, and that is the way we’re well known. How about having a few very good impressions to describe us with, me, in particular if you use me? Or let us imagine, only as you clarified your mommy being ordinary. It really wasn’t a description of a normal person, but rather the impression I get is,” she got , new what she wanted,’d direction, took from life, life and lived it. What more could we perform. Possibly she was a realist, and partly dreamer, for example.

Lee. Just how do I model you, if I decide to try?

Oliver. Hm. . .mm! You trying to [pause] — I wish to see this material, return to your question. I ought to be distinguished different, which is from a different angle, such as your mommy,’simple, however multifaceted.’ Very similar to your songs too; therefore are that they not many different, but complex in their own way. . .have their very own personality [?] One is to”Death,” the other on”Love,” something we all thing concerning; another on finding and hunting for a body, some thing all of us have experienced, all these things mold us, make and adapt our priorities, because it did for your mommy and you, as it does for you and your wife, since it’s doing you and as. . .as I look at these music sheets, even the language, words and most importantly, I can not quite expect themas you can not expect me, and whoever reads about me, that’s notably how it will start. While I read a novel, I try to read 50% of this book and if I could it tell me it might be a good publication; if I can not, it is merely old music currently being played , I just stop playing it, or even in my case reading it, basically know the ending, why read it: a fantastic publication should not have the capability to allow you to understand what the end is going to be until you arrive. The sole difference being, it is a fresh day. Several of those writers in Paris, Hollywood, New York, think they’re writing something brand new. I call it’The Original Old Foolish Materials…’ when I could think of a longer name because of it I would. I would like to become something new on your book, on each sentence, or even stanza on your song, or poem, or a flicker which never was–that’s me. Does that make sense? Like your mother, she is anyone to you that won’t ever function again. No human body will simply take her imprint you off. God gave you her as a gift, it had been his gift. . .not a ideal gift, just like you, maybe not perfect, but something special which may open your whole being up every time you think of her.

Lee. You need me to make you into a’Greatest Supplier,’ well Oliver, you are to us or me, my family and I is: you already are a bestseller. I am no large music writer or anything like that, but should I do reveal you I shall give it a great attempt to allow you to exceptional; you will be a fanatic, just like my mother. I do not have many heroes, but she actually is clearly one. I am not sure exactly what makes a fanatic, but I know what doesn’t make one, and that is all these foolish actors on TV that play parts and live contrary from what they’d have you believe. They no longer think from the parts that they play compared to in the people they match, it’s all funds, power and glorythey think that they are something more special than some other individuals, simply because they get an applause, how foolish can a brain function as. Some drama roles in wars rather than were even a soldier, or for that matter boy-scout, like a writer for a true writer, you must live itlike a bullfighter, or even a bull watcher, you are just one or the other, not to mention the bullfighter could tell you the facts, and the watcher informs what he just sees, and it is actually a half truth, but to get the’buck,’ they will feign such a thing, and also get drunk –and expect the public to think of them as personalities, how about paid whores–or puppies. Once you perform in doing something you don’t have confidence in, it’s what you are, you sell yourself cheap. My spouse is really a hero of sorts, so can be you, a tiny hero to me.

Oliver [today puts just a little more thought to his writing as he looks on the music sheets]. Strange to say but I need to you are a little unsuccessful, are you really not old chap or if I say young man. I only visit one fly from the soup…

Lee. And what exactly is this?

You and your wife are settled, content, almost placid occasionally, but quite attracted to one another, writing all this music takes time, effort, and stress–lots of stress for such a brief period in writing them. You got to go easy my friend. [Lee cried at Oliver, his wife ]. Your writing is okay, it’s the process…

Oliver. Now Allow Me to read out loud these legends:

As Love belongs by

C– – ♫ It’s was-n’t Pa- ris, ♪ it was- not in Rome… ♫ It was not in the tash- ma—–hal ♪♫ I fulfilled her at Bei- jing, position from the Em-pe-ror’s wall…♫ Her eyes were full of sky… here voice full of spirit…. Her shape was similar to a god-dess, of mar-ble and of…. Gold…. Her – sides like a blos-somed climbed…. A blos- somed rose…. … ♫♪ Our love was touched by Beijing. . .mist… …. Our faith had been crys-tal fresh…   Fare- well, fare- well!! We staged our song, even as lovers often perform…. Subsequently with a kiss… a bit and a sighWe left the world…. We knew…. We left the planet, we left the world…. Renewed…. Then with a touch and a sighwe abandoned the entire world we knew…♫. .

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